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SABSA Stream

COSAC is honoured to host opportunities for SABSA Architects and the thousands of users world-wide to come together within the long-standing COSAC spirit and ethos of real value, unrivalled quality of presentations and workshops, and true professional fellowship.

SABSA-specific sessions will run continuously through-out the 31st COSAC in parallel with COSAC's normal sessions with participants able to move freely between streams according to their interests and to ensure their needs are best met.

The SABSA Institute

SABSA is the world's most successful free-use and open-source security architecture framework and methodology. It is the leading best practice method for delivering cohesive information security, assurance and architecture solutions to enterprises. The SABSA framework ensures that the security needs of your organisation are met completely and are designed, delivered and supported as an integral part of your IT management infrastructure.

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SABSA Training

David Lynas Consulting is an Accredited Education Provider for the SABSA Institute. Please proceed to for SABSA Training options.