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COSAC Goes Virtual

COSAC Connect

We have retained as many of the traditional COSAC values as possible in our new virtual format, both in terms of the global diversity of the COSAC community and the interactive nature of the sessions.

Serving the Global Security Community

Each of the two days of COSAC Connect is scheduled to meet the various time zones of the global COSAC community, ensuring that at least one day is convenient to each geography.

Day One, Tuesday 29th September, is scheduled for morning in British & European Summer Time for those in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia & Australasia to attend live.

Day Two, Wednesday 30th September, is scheduled for evening British & European Summer Time for those in North America & Europe.

COSAC Interaction & Audience Participation

Interaction has always been a defining characteristic of COSAC. The COSAC ethos is that everyone has an experience worth sharing and an idea worth developing. For COSAC Connect a minimum of one third of each session is allocated for interaction, questions, and discussion.

During each session, participants are strongly encouraged to submit questions and points for discussion by typing into the “Ask A Question” panel at any time. All participants can click the Up-vote questions to prioritise topics and the final 20 minutes of each session will be allocated to facilitate questions and discussions.

The facilitator will invite participants ‘on stage’ to ask their question or make their point, so please have your microphone and webcam ready. Alternatively, a delegate can request the facilitator to ask the question on their behalf.

COSAC Trust Culture

COSAC Connect cannot replicate COSAC’s NDA or Chatham House Rule trust mechanisms but we ask that all participants continue to respect the varied cultures and perspectives of the diverse COSAC community so that we can all learn and develop from our collective shared experience.

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