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COSAC Chairman, David Lynas, reports on the Langham Hotel...

A venue can make or break a conference and COSAC has very demanding needs for quality, service and attention to detail.

I have been visiting Melbourne for SABSA training for 20 years and have stayed in most venues in the CBD.  Having eaten in the Melba Restaurant many times and experienced the food and service levels, The Langham was very high on the shortlist before our formal selection process started.  

First impressions can mean a lot and while many shortlisted venues simply sent out their standard brochure, the conference staff paid attention to the detail and the nature of their communication and interaction with us gave them a jump-start over many of the other options by inspiring a level of confidence we need in a COSAC venue.  I was not at all disappointed when The Langham came out on top of our assessment process.

With sweeping vistas of the Yarra River and Melbourne skyline, The Langham is set in an outstanding location as a sanctuary nestled on the famous Southbank Promenade, amidst the city’s Arts and Leisure district.  The venue provides genuine and personalised service and exciting epicurean adventures.  

So, we very much look forward to meeting you at The Langham for the inaugural COSAC & SABSA APAC Congress on Tuesday 5 December 2017.

Best Wishes

David Lynas, COSAC Chairman

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